Bespoke Selection Assessment

Bespoke selection assessment

We’re not a recruitment agency, but we specialise in bespoke selection assessment, whether it be for external hire or internal talent development.

The easiest way to change culture and improve levels of employee engagement in your business is to hire the right people in the first place.

It is widely recognised though that relying on interviews alone to make recruitment decisions can be pretty patchy. If the interview is unstructured then you may as well flip a coin!

We will help you improve your candidate selection assessment process in three key areas:

  1. We can help you define the competencies your ideal candidate needs to demonstrate
  2. We can assess candidates using off-the-shelf psychometric tests 
  3. We can assess candidates using bespoke assessment and development centres. 

Competency model design

Competencies describe what behaviours are valued by the organisation. They’re actually the start point for being able to select the right people as they describe what behaviours you should be assessing during the recruitment process. Well designed competencies will tie your organisation’s values, vision, culture and strategy together. 

We can help you define what those competencies should be for your business.

Psychometric testing

Psychometrics are a more scientific way to measure someone’s capability and behaviour. They are a cost-effective way to input some objectivity into the selection process. 

We’re qualified to administer and give feedback on a range of psychometrics so we can help you quickly strengthen your selection process. 

Assessment and development centres

The best way to see if someone can do the job, is to observe them doing the job. This is the basis of how assessment and development centres work.

Assessment and development centres both work in the same way, they just have different objectives. Assessment centres are intended to aid the hiring decision as part of a recruitment and selection process. Development centres are used to identify individual potential, strengths and development needs as part of the talent management process.

We specialise in designing and running bespoke assessment and development centres that are designed specifically for the role you are looking to fill or identify potential for.