Psychometric Testing

We are qualified to use a wide range of psychometric testing tools so you don’t need to be. Just give us a call and we can manage the process for you.

Psychometric testing is a cost-effective way to add more objectivity into your selection process, meaning that you will be better equipped to make the best decision possible.

After all, we make business decisions using data so why not people decisions?

Psychometrics can be used to support your recruitment, talent management, team development and leadership development processes.

1. Hire the best people

When used in conjunction with a well-structured interview, psychometric tests will help you increase your level of confidence when making selection decisions.

We will help you determine which tools best suit your needs, administer the process for you, provide feedback to candidates, provide you with suggested interview questions and provide you with a summary profile for each candidate.

2. Develop talent

Raising self-awareness is the start point for encouraging people to identify how they could do things more effectively. Psychometric tests provide an objective assessment of how people operate at work allowing them to explore why they do what they do and how they could do things differently.

Where you want to profile your people we will help you determine which tool best suits your needs, administer the process for you and provide feedback to them. The feedback discussion is managed as a coaching session whereby we help the person makes sense of the feedback and what it means for them in practice. We then help them define specific development plans based on their enhanced self-awareness. Of course we can then work with them on a continuing basis to help them implement their learning actions.

3. Develop teams

Psychometrics are really useful for helping team members understand each others’ styles/behaviours and for improving their understanding of the team’s overall strengths and weaknesses.

We will help you determine which tool best suits your needs and administer the process for you. We can also facilitate a team development workshop to ensure the team gets as much value as they can from the process.

Which type of psychometric should I use?

Psychometrics fall into two broad camps:

Aptitude or ability tests

These measure things such as verbal and numerical reasoning, the typical tests given to graduate recruits. They will provide you with an indication of candidates’ overall intelligence so they can be useful where the role requires lots of cognitive tasks.

However, they will not tell you how someone is likely to behave. 

Personality profiles

There is no such thing as the ‘correct’ personality so we tend not to refer to personality profiles as tests. 

Personality profiles obviously provide an indication of how someone is likely to behave based on a structured measure of their personality, but there are two types of personality profile tools available. 

Type measures

Things such as the (MBTI) Myers Briggs Type Inventory are ‘type’ instruments. So called because they classify people into one of several distinct types, 16 types in the case of the MBTI. Type instruments are not recommended for use in the selection process. 

Trait measures

These types of instruments measure personality across a number of different dimensions, or traits. As such, they are much more granular than type instruments. These are the types of tools we use.