Could fear in a team be the real reason for their ‘poor performance’? The importance of psychological safety.

Leaders often find themselves getting frustrated when team members:

  • seem to need the manager to make all the decisions
  • wait for the manager to tell them what to do
  • only do exactly what the manager tells them to do
  • don’t appear to show any initiative
  • don’t appear to make suggestions or come up with ideas

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We think now IS the right time to find out how your people are feeling

When it comes to employee surveys “now is not the right time” is a phrase we’ve heard a few times recently. Everyone’s busy right, dealing with the crisis? 

Well, a lot has been written about the impact Covid-19 is having on mental health and wellbeing in general (so I’ll not repeat it here), but the most forward thinking employers are making the effort to find out how all of their busy, under pressure, isolated, stressed people are feeling.

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What can we learn about leadership from the Covid-19 crisis?

As things slowly begin to stabilise and we transition from the depths of the Covid-19 crisis to considering the question of “what now for the business?”, we thought we’d share some of our thoughts around what leaders can learn from the recent crisis. This is based on data we have gathered through pulse surveys we have been running for various organisations during the Covid-19 crisis.

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