Bring your old survey data to life

Many of our clients have often already run an employee survey, either using something like SurveyMonkey or through a different provider, and want to ensure they preserve their their existing survey data.  

We can upload your existing survey data into our platform for you so you can start enjoying all of the benefits of our reporting dashboard


How will you benefit?

We do the importing for you so you don’t have to work out how to do it yourself. Or involve IT!  Our platform was designed with HR users in mind and it was specifically designed for employee surveys. This means you don’t need to spend time organising the data and creating queries and visualisations from scratch as you do with most business intelligence software. You are not dependent on us to run your survey. Of course our platform is designed to run surveys, which provides more seamless integration, but if you want to retain that control then you can, just send us your survey data each time you run a new survey.

How does it work?

To make it happen all we need is your raw survey data (usually an Excel spreadsheet with every employee’s answer to every question). 

We will then re-create your survey on our platform and import your survey data into the platform for you. 

We will then set you up with access to your own reporting dashboard and ensure you are comfortable with the functionality available to you (we do this through webinars, ‘how to’ videos and ongoing email/telephone support).  

If you want to transfer an existing ‘live’ survey (such as an onboarding or exit survey) then we will upload your existing data and you can then simply use our platform to continue running the survey instead of the one you are already using. In that way you will be able to preserve your historical data whilst then capturing new data straight into our platform – no more downloading, no more manipulating in Excel.