Employee Engagement Surveys

We specialise in the design, delivery, analysis and reporting of your tailored yet cost-effective employee engagement survey.

We have been running employee surveys since 2007 so we have extensive experience of designing and delivering surveys that will have an impact on your business.

Discover what drives engagement in your business

It is widely acknowledged that levels of employee engagement can have a direct impact on business performance. The challenge is how to identify what actions the business needs to take to improve overall levels of engagement.

Running a structured engagement survey (employee survey or staff survey) will enable you to specifically identify what you can do to improve levels of employee engagement and reinforce your values and culture.

Employee engagement surveys, pulse surveys and exit surveys

Measure levels of engagement

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to understanding what drives engagement as there is no single thing that engages everyone.

The start point is to measure how people are feeling about a range of things that have been shown to have an impact on levels of engagement. 

Our own engagement research confirmed that engagement can be impacted by things such as reward and recognition, relationships with colleagues, leadership behaviour, company culture, communication etc. In fact, all the usual stuff that you will find in most other research into employee engagement. This is why we don’t get hung up on the engagment ‘model’.

Our approach is to help you identify the factors that drive engagement in your business. 

We will help you design your cost-effective employee engagement survey so that it is tailored to meet your needs in terms of content and tone and we will deploy the survey for you. 

Identify what the employee engagement survey data is telling you

Running an engagement survey is just the start point, making sense of the data is the interesting bit!

Our reporting dashboard will help you go beyond identifying what people are (un)happy about and help you identify the specific things that are actually going to drive engagement in your business. It will also enable you to quickly feedback the results of your survey to the business.

Define specific actions based on your employee engagement data

Your survey data is likely to be interesting, but unless you do something with it nothing will change.

Our reporting dashboard will help you move from insight to action in two key ways: 

1. You can provide individual managers with access to their own data through our reporting dashboard. 

2. The dashboard has inbuilt comprehensive action planning functionality.