Focus Group Facilitation

Gathering people together in the form of focus groups can be a really useful way to uncover information you might not have otherwise considered. We can help facilitate focus groups for you and we tend to use them in one of two ways:

To inform the design of your surveys

Sometimes, surveys can be quite long, simply because you’re not sure what to measure so there is a tendency to measure quite a lot. Focus groups can be a really useful way to identify the common themes that your people care about – what they value about working for you and what they find frustrating. By spending time with representative groups (you can either group similar functions/levels together or run cross-functional groups) we will quickly identify the key things that seem to matter. We’ll share this information with you and then make the decisions on what to include in your surveys. 

To dig deeper into the survey results

When used after a survey has been completed, focus groups can be a useful way to share the results with people and promote discussion to understand a bit more about how people feel about the issues raised. Survey questions are often restrictive so getting people to expand on the issues can help add colour and point the way towards key actions that will make the most difference.