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The Staff Friends and Family Test survey is a national temperature check that all NHS Trusts are required to complete in quarter 1,2 and 4 of each year. The survey is intended for Trust staff to provide feedback on how much they would recommend the level of care provided by the Trust and how much they would recommend the Trust as a good place to work. 

Unfortunately, in our experience the SFFT is usually a bit of a faff. Many Trusts find administering the survey and extracting the data is a bit cumbersome and it ends up having limited value beyond reporting the numbers. Some Trusts are now using the NHS People Pulse platform, which is better than something like SurveyMonkey, but feedback from our clients indicates that this is still not entirely user friendly.

Our SFFT service will save you the time taken to build, deploy and report on the data

This is because we have our own survey platform, which means we will take away all of the hassle of building and administering each quarterly SFFT.

We will provide you with the data you need to report.

We can provide you with real-time access to all of your SFFT surveys through one secure, GDPR-compliant platform.

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Deploying your NHS Staff Friends and Family Test Survey

We will do all of the survey setup for you. In addition to the mandatory SFFT survey questions plus any additional questions that you would like.  

Our survey platform is fully GDPR compliant and optimised for all web-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers meaning you can easily deploy the survey.  We can issue survey invites via email or QR code (works really well where you do not have personal email addresses and where staff are not deskbound).

All you need to do is take care of your internal comms and we will do the rest. 

Reporting your NHS Staff Friends and Family Test survey results

We will provide you with the data you need at the end of each SFFT survey ready to submit.  

Once your NHS Staff Friends and Family Test survey is live our reporting dashboard provides you with instantaneous, real-time and ongoing access to your survey data. This enables you to access and query the data at any time, including being able to compare responses across different parts of the organisation and compare results between different surveys. 

Preserve your historical SFFT survey data

Whether you are looking to switch from your existing survey provider or have previously used something such as SurveyMonkey, we can upload your historical data which will enable you to continue to compare future survey data with your old survey data.

Why not extend your SFFT survey into a regular pulse survey?

There is the risk that you could be running too many surveys, which leads to survey fatigue and a drop off in response rates. For some of our NHS clients we have extended the SFFT survey to include additional pulse survey questions. As with all our surveys these additional questions can be tailored and it is a really powerful way to increase the value that the SFFT survey adds.