Onboarding Surveys

Our tailored employee onboarding surveys will help you maximise the employee experience of your newest people


Realworld Consulting, Onboarding Surveys

Just imagine you’re new to the company, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, yet no-one knows who you are when you arrive, you don’t meet your manager for a week, and you spend the first few days just finding out where to have lunch.

Data from our clients’ employee onboarding surveys, shows that job satisfaction in new starters can decrease in as little as 8 weeks if working for you does not meet their expectations. If we assume that most people start a new job fully engaged, something must be happening to erode their level of engagement.

Realworld Consulting Survey Platform

Our onboarding survey platform enables us to deploy customised surveys so we will work with you to build your onboarding surveys tailoring the content and look and feel to suit your business. There are a few decisions to make, but we’ll work through those with you and make it as quick and painless as possible to get up and running.  Our surveys are fully GDPR compliant and mobile optimised making it easy for people to complete them whenever and wherever they want. 

Our online survey platform has a web-enabled front end dashboard, which makes accessing your onboarding survey data extremely easy and really brings the survey data to life. The software will allow you to view and interrogate your onboarding survey data in real time meaning you will be able to quickly identify key insights and share those with your stakeholders.

The dashboard is powerful yet highly intuitive allowing you to filter the data, compare data over time, compare across surveys and create as many ad-hoc reports as you need.

We can also import any historical survey data you might have so even if you have an existing survey running (through something such as Surveymonkey) you can use our platform to seamlessly switch over to begin viewing and interrogating that data through our online reporting dashboard.