Pulse Surveys

Our quick and cost-effective pulse surveys tend to be shorter than full employee engagement surveys.  They are most often used to check in with people to either find out how they are feeling at a specific moment in time or how they are feeling about a specific issue.

Pulse surveys have several advantages:  

  • They tend to be quicker to design and there is often less reporting requirements, which can make them quite cost-effective.
  • They are shorter in duration so they are less onerous to participate in.
  • They can be used to target specific groups of employees at different times during the year.
  • All in all they are a lot easier to make the business case for compared to a full-on engagement survey.

We can help you get your pulse survey up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

Once live, our online survey platform will provide you with instantaneous and real-time access to your survey data. 

Why not just use something like SurveyMonkey?


The benefits of using our quick and cost-effective pulse surveys compared to doing it yourself using something such as SurveyMonkey are: 

  • We will do the survey setup for you so you don’t have to invest the time in creating the questions and then physically creating the survey.
  • SurveyMonkey is great for deploying surveys, not so great when it comes to analysing the data. We have our own reporting dashboard that provides you with instantaneous, real-time visibility of your survey data with inbuilt analysis. We know you might not have the inclination to get into all that so will take you through the survey results at the end of the survey period using our online survey platform which will save you a huge amount of time when it comes to analysing the data.
  • We will provide you with a summary report of your survey results. No more downloading into Excel, creating charts and then copying into Word.
  • We will provide you with ongoing access to your survey data through our online dashboard. This will enable you to go back to the survey results, slice and dice the data and create as many additional reports as you want to.


The ease and speed of using us to run your survey means you can focus on acting on the survey results rather than survey administration.