Remote Teamworking Questionnaire

Remote teamworking questionnaire helps team development whilst working remotely

How can remote teams ensure they are as effective as possible?

COVID-19 has led many teams to be thrown into working remotely. As the initial crisis passes now is the perfect time for teams to draw breath and reflect on their experiences. and to start reviewing how they can work together as effectively as possible going forward.

Our new Remote Teamworking Questionnaire (RTQ) is a diagnostic questionnaire designed to help intact teams. Teams are able to reflect on how they work together, and identify what they need to do differently in order to be as effective as possible going forward.

The RTQ is an evolution of our established Team Effectiveness Questionnaire, but recognises that team processes need to be adjusted when working remotely compared to with working in the office. It is intended for intact teams who may have previously worked together or been office-based, but are now physically isolated and having to deliver results remotely. 

The RTQ is an online questionnaire that is completed by each team member. Once complete we aggregate the results and provide a summary report for the team to review and reflect on what it needs to do differently forward. 

The Remote Teamworking Questionnaire can be used by anyone – whether you lead a team, have responsibility for learning and development in your business, or are an independent consultant looking to offer something to your own clients.