Find out how to reduce employee turnover in your business


Exit surveys will help you maximise the employee experience by gathering feedback from leavers

Understanding why your people leave is not just one of the easiest ways to begin improving levels of employee engagement in your business, it also adds immediate value to the business by enabling you to identify how to begin reducing the costs associated with employee turnover. Tailored exit surveys solve this problem. 

Our exit survey service is based around an online survey that is tailored for your business. Online exit surveys are much more efficient and cost-effective than face-to-face or telephone exit interviews. Firstly, they take up a lot less time and resource and secondly, you get much more consistent and higher quality data as people are more likely to be open and honest where they feel their feedback is anonymous. 

Our experience shows that there are three main challenges that companies face when it comes to understanding employee turnover. Our exit survey service will help you overcome each one.

Employee Surveys

1. Many businesses don’t collect data from leavers in a consistent way

Even where companies already collect data from leavers, it is often collected in different formats, by different people. Some parts of the business do it, some don’t, some face to face, others use paper-based forms. 

Our tailored exit surveys will ensure you gather the feedback that you really need from your leavers in a consistent format, therefore making analysis and reporting much more effective.  

Our survey platform enables us to deploy customised surveys so we will work with you to build your exit survey tailoring the content and look and feel to suit your business. There are a few decisions to make, but we’ll work through those with you and make it as quick and painless as possible to get up and running.  Our surveys are fully GDPR compliant and mobile optimised making it easy for people to complete them whenever and wherever they want. 

2. Even where businesses do collect leaver data, many don’t systematically analyse it

Pulling data together and analysing it takes time and resource and, let’s face it, most of us have other more pressing things to do, which is why leaver data usually ends up ‘sitting in a drawer’.

Our web-enabled front end dashboard, makes accessing your survey data extremely easy. You can view your survey data in real time allowing you to quickly identify key insights and share those with your stakeholders. 

The dashboard really brings your survey data to life and is powerful yet highly intuitive. For instance, it allows you to filter the data, compare data over time and compare across surveys. In addition you can create as many ad-hoc reports as you need.

We can also import any historical survey data you might have. For instance if you have an existing survey running (using something like SurveyMonkey), you can use our platform to seamlessly switch over to begin viewing and interrogating that data through our reporting dashboard. 

Review your tailored exit surveys data

3. Understanding the issues is one thing. Doing something about them is another

Our platform will enable you to move from insight to action in three key ways: 

Flexible reporting

We will send you summary reports as often as you need them. However, it is actually really quick and easy to create reports through our platform. This means that you can create unlimited reports without having to pay (or wait) for us to do it.  

We can provide individual managers with access to the data for their specific part of the business

This really enhances levels of accountability for doing something with the data. We can define specific datasets and assign users with authority to view appropriate datasets. This really enables HR Business Partners to engage with their stakeholders and discuss what they data means for their part of the business.

Inbuilt action planning

Our platform has comprehensive action planning functionality. Users can define specific action plans, delegate actions and monitor progress against those actions. 


The base cost for our exit survey service is just £3000 per year. This includes:

  • initial design and continual tweaking as required.
  • sending out of survey links to leavers. Either we can do this or you can and there is no limit on the number of links that can be sent out each month. 
  • provision of a monthly summary report for the business.
  • online survey dashboard access for up to 3 HR users (most users tend to be HR professionals). 

Want more reports? No problem, we can show you how to build them yourself (it is really easy, honest) or we can do that for you for £50 per report. 

Want to provide more users with access to the online dashboard. No problem, additional users are just £50 per user per year.