Use our platform to add value to your own clients

Our platform will enable you to deploy tailored, cost-effective employee surveys for your clients

As technology progresses dashboarding/analytics software is becoming the norm – it improves the speed of access to survey results and the quality of presentation of the data so we find that clients are increasingly demanding a better solution. But where to start?

If you are an independent consultant wanting to provide a modern survey service to your own client base there are three broad options to consider:

1. Use something like SurveyMonkey

Several years ago we used to use SurveyMonkey to run surveys for our clients. We then had to download the data into Excel, spend ages manipulating it and creating charts before copying them into Word. It took a fair bit of time and effort and meant that clients didn’t get the results of their survey for a couple of weeks. It then limited the ability to drill into the data as we had to go back to the spreadsheet and filter the data to create a new report. What’s more SurveyMonkey is not ‘free’. For the features you want you will need to pay for a licence, you will still need to do lots of data manipulation and you will not be able to provide your clients with any kind of ability to dynamically view or interrogate the data. 

2. Build your own platform

Believe us, that’s not an easy option! We’ve spent the last few years investing a huge amount of time and effort, not to mention money.

3. Use someone else’s tech

Here you have two further options: 

a). Invest in business intelligence software to build client-specific dashboards and reports. This is never as easy as the providers’ websites suggest. In our experience it is not ‘simple’ to make the connection between your data and then create ‘stunning’ dashboard visualisations. It’s also pretty expensive.  

b). The second option is to work with a dedicated partner whose platform is specifically designed for employee survey consultancies. Which is where we come in….

How can we help you?

Our platform has a dedicated online reporting dashboard that not only looks great, but saves a ton of time when it comes to data analysis and reporting. You and your clients can have access to their own data so they can slice and dice and compare different datasets to their heart’s content.  

Ours is not a self-service solution. We provide a high level of support, as we recognise that you don’t want to spend ages learning a new piece of software.

In simple terms, the process for each of your survey projects is: 

  • We will rely on you to provide us with your client’s survey structure and content. We can advise on things such as rating scales and we have question libraries you can draw on. We will then build the survey for you.  
  • We will talk you through the different options for deploying the survey, but the basic options are to either use an ‘open’ link that gets sent out via email and anyone with the link can complete the survey, or we can use individualised links that are sent out by us.  
  • Once the survey is live we will provide you (and the client) with access to our reporting dashboard to enable you to begin monitoring survey completion rate and survey responses. We will obviously take you through the dashboard functionality, but we have built it in a way that is pretty intuitive to use – it typically takes an hour and a half tops to become comfortable using the tech.  
  • Once the survey closes you can review the survey data with your client using the reporting dashboard. They tend to be really pleased that this can be done so quickly and they enjoy the interactivity. These sessions are really useful for providing quick feedback to the client and developing the story they want to tell. At this point either you or the client can start playing around with charts and creating reports, or we can create reports for you. 


Firstly, we’re not looking for re-sellers. We know that to commit to up front licensing costs and/or feel like you have to sell the product on to earn a commission is not for most people. We aim for our platform to simply be a cost-effective and straightforward way for you to provide a more sophisticated survey solution to your clients.

With regard to cost, it’s difficult to state a single figure as there are a few things that impact cost, but our aim will always be to work with you to define a budget that works for you, and for your clients.

The key things that impact costs are: 

  • There is a setup component to the cost, which is the time it takes to talk through the approach and create your online survey for you.  
  • Should you want to use our reporting dashboard there is a licence cost for that. We can either do this on a per survey basis or an annual licence basis depending on your anticipated need. The licence includes hosting, security and support.  
  • There is also a dashboard setup component, which depends on the complexity of your clients’ needs to provide their own users with their own dashboard access. For example, some companies may only need to provide the HR Director with access to all of the survey data, which is inexpensive. Other companies may wish to provide dashboard access to additional users such as Area Managers or Site Managers, which is more complex as we need to create the access for each of those users.  
  • Where you do not want to use our reporting dashboard and want us to generate reports for you there is a cost per report.  

There are a number of ways we can make it work so the best thing to do is get in touch and we’ll talk it through….