Our employee survey platform and reporting dashboard give you instantaneous real-time access to your data

tailored employee experience surveys

We have our own GDPR compliant and highly secure employee survey platform that enables us to deploy any kind of employee surveys.

The real power of our platform though is that it gives you instantaneous and continuous access to your survey data through the inbuilt reporting dashboard. The reporting dashboard is highly intuitive so once we have set up your access it really is just a case of having a play.

This makes accessing and playing around with your data significantly quicker and easier than using Excel or other business intelligence software and it really helps bring your survey data to life.

Our reporting dashboard is extremely intuitive and engaging to use

Want to find out how different groups of people feel?

Our reporting dashboard has flexible filters, which will allow you to refine datasets based on things like date ranges and demographic information. For example you could compare how people in different parts of the business feel, or how different age groups compare. As long as the data is in your survey you can slice and dice the data as much as you want.

Our reporting dashboard allows you to compare as many different surveys datasets as you want. As all of your surveys are in one place you can easily compare data from different surveys. Just imagine comparing data from your last pulse survey with your onboarding and exit surveys. Combining this with filters means you can be really specific with what you want to compare. What’s more you can benchmark your survey data with other surveys in our database.

Want to compare different surveys datasets?

Create as many reports as you want

Once you have played around with your data your reporting dashboard makes it easy to build reports. Whilst we can build reports for you, we have designed it to be so easy that any user can build their own reports. There is no limit on the number of reports that can be created. What you see on the screen is what can be added to a report. Any chart or data table can be added to a report. Commentary can be added. And reports can be edited before downloading them and sharing them with other stakeholders.

Our reporting dashboard allows you to access all of your surveys in one place making comparison between datasets far easier.

All your employee experience survey data in one place

Preserve your historical survey data

Some of our clients come to us with multiple historical surveys, all running on different platforms. As long as you have your raw survey data we can actually import your historical survey data into our platform meaning you can then play around with your old survey data in the same way you can new survey data.

There is even no need to actually run a new survey through our platform in order to utilise our reporting platform. We can simply upload your survey data into our database and you will be able to start interrogating it in the same way as if we ran the survey for you.

tailored employee experience surveys

From insight to action

Once you have a handle on what your survey data is telling you you can start to use it to begin creating change.  

Empower managers to take ownership for their survey data

Our reporting dashboard is designed to give individual users access to their own dataset(s) so they can take ownership for implementing change in their part of the business. We can define specific datasets and user authority so that each user has access to the full functionality of the reporting dashboard, but only for their part of the business.

When reviewing survey data there is always a “so where should we focus our efforts?” question. Our reporting dashboard contains pre-defined statistical analysis that allows you to identify the specific things that are driving engagement in your business.

Identify Key Priorities

Define action plans

Our reporting dashboard contains a dedicated action planning section where users can define actions based on the priorities they identify from their data. Actions can be delegated to other users and completion progress can be monitored.

Although our platform is our own, we’re not a software company, we actually have a strong background in HR and learning and development.

We know that cool as it is, you probably don’t always want to spend much time learning the intricacies of a new piece of software so what differentiates us is that we will work with you to understand what your data is telling you.

Our aim is to apply technology to help HR add value to the business which is why we focus on providing cost-effective straightforward employee experience surveys that can really make a difference. We know that cool as it is, you probably don’t always want to spend much time learning the intricacies of a new piece of software so what differentiates us is that we will work with you to understand what your data is telling you.

We’re here to support you

So, why not just use something like SurveyMonkey?

The benefits of using our platform compared to doing it yourself using something such as SurveyMonkey are: 

  • We will do the survey setup for you so you don’t have to invest the time in creating the questions and then physically creating the survey.
  • SurveyMonkey is great for deploying surveys, not so great when it comes to analysing the data. Our reporting dashboard provides you with instantaneous, real-time visibility of your survey data with inbuilt analysis. No more downloading into Excel, creating charts and then copying into Word.
  • Our reporting dashboard has inbuilt report building functionality.
  • We will provide you with ongoing access to your survey data through our reporting dashboard. This will enable you to go back to the survey results, slice and dice the data and create as many additional reports as you want to.