Leadership Development

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Bespoke Leadership Development Solutions

How leaders behave has a huge impact on the employee experience and your organisation's culture. Everything they say and do, and how they say and do it, has an impact on everyone around them.

If you want to change your culture and boost employee engagement then ensuring your leaders are demonstrating the right skills and behaviours is crucial.

However, organisations nowadays are less inclined to invest in lengthy leadership development 'courses'. And, we don't actually think they are particularly cost-effective either.

Our approach is to provide a more focussed approach to leadership development though a combination of individualised development solutions and short workshops.

Individual Leadership Development

Leadership Coaching

Coaching works through a series of one-to-one meetings between the coachee and the coach. Meetings can be in person, but it is now more practical and cost effective do that virtually.

Our qualified coaches work in a supportive way to challenge coachees to:

  • review their approach and identify what's working and what's not working.
  • commit to small changes to the way they behave.
  • review their learning and either modify their approach or cement the change as their new way of working.

One of the limitations of coaching is that we often have to take the coachee's word for it! As such, we also recommend using additional methods to provide feedback to coachees including 360 degree feedback and personality profiling.

360 Degree Feedback

When presented with high quality feedback, people are much more likely to move from awareness (that something needs to change), through to acceptance, and then to action.

This is what makes 360 degree feedback much more effective at promoting behaviour change than conventional training.

We believe it is the best way to develop managers. It is certainly the most cost-effective.

What’s more, as leadership behaviour is what defines your culture, and culture is a key part of the employee experience, 360 degree feedback is also an effective way to drive culture change and improve employee engagement.

360 degree feedback can be used as a standalone tool, or used in combination with individual coaching and as part of a leadership development workshop.

Leadership Workshops

Leadership Fundamentals

There is so much written about leadership that it can be difficult for leaders to know where to start. Every leadership model proclaims to have the answer! If we were to run a leadership programme covering every leadership model and every piece of thinking it would last for months!

Over many years of designing and running leadership workshops we have identified the core things that make the biggest difference to leaders. Our one day Leadership Fundamentals workshop is designed for leaders who need an introduction to what it means to be a leader.

We play to all learning styles by blending a bit of thinking, some practical models, skills practice and lots of self-awareness and self-reflection. We also ground the material we cover in reality. We constantly challenge leaders to define how they apply their learning to themselves and to their teams.

Developing People Performance

Our one-day Developing People Performance workshop is designed to introduce managers to two core leadership skills - coaching and giving giving feedback.

Most managers are pretty poor at giving feedback - they either don't know how to do it, or are afraid of doing it. The result is they just end up avoiding it! This workshop attendees to face up to the barriers that are hindering them, we introduce some key psychology, and we provide a very practical structure for them to use in practice. And, of course, we provide lots of practice opportunities.

Many managers believe that they have to be the ones who make all the decisions and solve all the problems. However, this is not the most empowering approach to use. Managers who are good at coaching tend to be viewed as more supportive and engaging leaders to work for. Whilst we are not aiming to train manages to be professional coaches, we introduce them to a practical model for coaching and the core skills of listening and asking productive questions.

Effective Delegation

Every manager we speak to is busy. However, we find that many of them are also taking on tings that they needn't, or shouldn't be.

Delegating effectively is not only an effective leadership skill, it also has significant practical benefits. It allows managers to focus on the bigger picture things they should be focussing on and it is great for developing team members.

Our half-day Effective Delegation workshop challenges managers to face up to the beliefs that are inhibiting them from delegating effectively. We build a business case for why it would benefit them personally before moving on to introduce a practical model they can use to start planning to delegate more appropriately.

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