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Talent Management

Talent Assessment and Development Solutions

How leaders behave has a huge impact on the employee experience and your organisation's culture. Everything they say and do, and how they say and do it, has an impact on everyone around them.

If you want to change your culture and boost employee engagement then having the right leaders in place, doing the right things, is crucial.

We support your talent management needs with bespoke leadership competency framework design, psychometric profiling and assessment/development centre design.

Talent Assessment

Appointing the right people is the starting point for engaging your people and reinforcing the kind of culture you want in your organisation.

Leadership Competency Framework Design

A well designed competency framework will enable you to define 'what good looks like' for leadership in your organisation.

It is the foundation that will enable you to select, develop and manage performance more effectively.

We specialise in designing leadership frameworks that help you recruit and develop the right leaders for your organisation.

Psychometric Profiling

Recruitment selection can be a little subjective. Psychometrics enable you to inject some objectivity into the process, but you usually need to be accredited to use them.

We are accredited to use a variety of psychometric tools so we provide an outsourced psychometric profiling service.

Assessment and Development Centres

If you want to see how someone will perform in the job, the best way to assess that is to observe them doing it!

Assessment and development centres have been shown to be the most reliable method of assessing candidate suitability.

We specialise in designing and delivering bespoke assessment and development centres to ensure you are hiring the very best talent.

Talent Development

It is not always practical to start from scratch and hire lots of people into key positions.

What's more, even where you do make great hiring decisions, your talent will benefit from further development once they are in the role.

In fact top talent will usually demand further development so developing them actually becomes an important part of your retention strategy.


The real power of our employee engagement survey platform is that it makes accessing your engagement survey data extremely easy through our reporting dashboard.

You can view your engagement survey data in real-time and it is always there for you to view.

360 degree feedback

In our experience, 360 degree feedback is the most effective way to develop leaders. The reason is that it provides very specific, individualised feedback in a more focussed way.

As a result, leaders are also much more likely to change their behaviour when confronted with the reality of how others see them compared with more traditional 'training'.

Leadership Development Workshops

There is a place for leadership development workshops. They are great for bringing people together to introduce them to new thinking and provide a space for them to reflect and bounce off each other.

We specialise in designing and delivering bespoke leadership development workshops, but we have spent lots of time over the years refining our workshops so we know what works well in practice.

Our workshops tend to be short and focus on three core areas:

  • Fundamentals of leadership
  • Developing People Performance
  • Delegation

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