Are you looking for cost-effective expert employee experience survey providers?

As your no-nonsense expert employee experience survey suppliers we will help you identify how to improve the employee experience and have a real impact on your business

We specialise in delivering tailored, cost-effective employee experience surveys that will help you measure the employee experience throughout the whole employee lifecycle.

We have been providing employee experience surveys to our clients since 2005 so we have extensive experience of designing and delivering employee experience surveys that will make your life easier and enable you to have an impact on your business.

Our approach combined with our employee experience survey platform is what differentiates us.

A positive employee experience is essential for maximising employee engagement

In simple terms the employee experience is about how people feel about their work and the organisation.

The employee experience is influenced at every stage of the employee lifecycle – from the moment a new employee applies for the job to the moment they leave. Along their journey with your organisation there are many milestones that have an impact on the employee experience. For example, every appraisal, pay review, promotion opportunity etc.

There are also many other opportunities for that experience to be positive or negative.  Every time someone interacts with their colleagues, their boss, senior leaders, they form an impression of ‘the company’. Every process or procedure can impact how easy it is ‘to do business’ with the company.

What are the factors that impact the employee experience?

There are many things that impact the employee experience.

This is our model of employee experience, which shows how the various factors contribute to the employee experience.

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Values define what we believe in, what we hold dear, what’s important – to customers, the organisation and its leaders.

How leaders behave is driven by values (what do leaders focus on, what do they ignore, what do they reward, punish).

Leadership behaviour drives the organisation’s culture. Everyone else looks to leaders and managers to model how things should be done. Leadership behaviour defines ‘the way we do things around here’.

The employee experience is impacted by three broad ‘touchpoints’ that can each enhance or impede the employee experience. People can be committed to their work, but not the culture, people can be committed to the culture of the organisation, but not to their work. Processes, procedures, policies and systems can either be cultural or job-specific so processes can impact both culture and work.

Employee engagement is the outcome and only truly happens when the overall employee experience is positive.

How we can help you improve the employee experience in your organisation?

We can help you implement a custom, cost-effective employee experience survey for every part of the employee lifecycle

Employee Onboarding Surveys

Employee Onboarding Surveys are used at the start of the employee journey to find out how new employees feel about their employee experience.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys are the main survey that most companies will use to find out how all employees feel about their employee experience.

Employee Pulse Surveys

Employee Pulse Surveys are just a shorter version of a full employee engagement survey. They are most often used to check in with people to either find out how they are feeling at a specific moment in time or how they are feeling about a specific issue.

Employee Exit Surveys

Employee Exit Surveys are the most effective method for gathering feedback from leavers.

Our exit surveys will help you understand why people are leaving so you can take steps to improve levels of retention and employee engagement in your business.

NHS Quarterly Pulse Survey

We offer a better alternative to the NHS Quarterly Pulse Survey, which is easier to administer, more user-friendly and more cost-effective.

Team Experience Survey

The Team Experience Survey is a quick, inexpensive, but insightful diagnostic team assessment that will help managers understand what they can do to improve the employee experience of everyone in their teams.

Painless employee experience survey design and administration

We can help you get your employee experience surveys up and running quickly and cost-effectively

Whether you are looking to put a brand new employee experience survey in place or refine an existing one we will work with you to create an employee experience survey that will deliver what you are trying to achieve.

Start with a clear employee experience survey strategy

The first thing to be clear on is what you are trying to achieve with your employee experience survey(s).

This is especially so where you have limited budget and resources or need to ‘sell’ it into the business.

Having too many employee surveys running can also create ‘survey fatigue’, which tends to lead to ever decreasing response rates.

Your survey strategy might be as simple as defining the business case for your survey. Your survey strategy might also clarify how several surveys can complement each other.

We can help you define your employee experience survey strategy to ensure that the surveys you do run add value to the business rather than just adding extra tasks for people to do.

Bespoke employee experience survey design

Mobile Friendly Employee Surveys

We will work with you to build your employee experience surveys ensuring the content and look and feel suits your business.

We have an extensive library of survey questions that we can draw on, but all of our employee experience surveys are tailored to your business and what you want to achieve.

Your employee experience surveys will be deployed through our own highly secure employee experience survey platform.

Our employee experience surveys are fully GDPR compliant and we’re accredited with CyberEssentials+, which means your data is safe with us.

We can issue survey invites via email or QR code (which works really well where you do not have personal email addresses and where staff are not deskbound).

Our employee experience surveys are also fully mobile optimised making it easy for people to complete them whenever and wherever they want.

Above all, we’ll make it as quick and painless as possible to get up and running.

Intuitive analysis and reporting

Our employee experience survey platform make analysing your data really easy

Employee experience surveys are a means to the end. They have limited value unless you can easily make sense of the data.  However, pulling data together and analysing it takes time and resource and, let’s face it, most of us have other more pressing things to do.

We have our own employee experience survey platform, which we built specifically for employee experience surveys. This means the inbuilt analysis tools are all relevant to what you want to see through our web-based reporting dashboard.

And, unlike other dashboarding software, there is no configuration needed to make it work. Which means you don’t need to involve IT!

The real power of our employee experience survey platform is that it makes accessing your survey data extremely easy through our reporting dashboard.

You can view all of your employee experience survey data in real time and it is always there for you to view.

Playing around with your survey data is highly intuitive and makes slicing and dicing your data significantly quicker and easier than using Excel or other business intelligence software.

With multiple charting options and preset analysis already built in, our reporting dashboard really helps bring your survey data to life allowing you to quickly identify key insights and share those with your stakeholders.

employee experience survey suppliers

We can even import any historical employee experience survey data you might have. For instance if you have previously run surveys (using something like SurveyMonkey), you can use our employee experience survey platform to seamlessly switch over and begin viewing and interrogating that data through our reporting dashboard.

From insight to action

Data means nothing if you don’t take action as a result

Our employee experience survey platform will enable you to move from insight to action in three key ways:

employee experience survey suppliers

Flexible reporting

Creating reports is really quick and easy through our reporting dashboard.

You can create as many ad-hoc employee experience survey reports as you want, as often as you want, for no extra cost.  

Users can access the employee experience survey data for their part of the business

We can give individual users access to their own survey dataset(s) so they can access and play around with all of their experience survey data.

We can define specific datasets and user authority so that each user has access to the full functionality of the reporting dashboard, but only for their part of the business.

This really increases the level of ownership and accountability for doing something with the survey data.

Inbuilt action planning

Our employee experience survey reporting dashboard has comprehensive action planning functionality.

Users can define specific action plans, delegate actions and monitor progress against those actions.