Our Team Experience Survey is the perfect solution to help you find out how to improve employee engagement in your teams

The Team Experience Survey is a quick, inexpensive, but insightful diagnostic team assessment that will help managers understand what they can do to improve the employee experience of everyone in their teams.

It is perfect for where you don’t have an organisation-wide employee experience survey in place, but want to quickly find out how team members feel about their employee experience.

What is the Team Experience Survey?

The Team Experience Survey is an online pulse survey that intact teams can use to provide feedback on their employee experience.

It is designed to be used as a diagnostic assessment that produces structured feedback around how team members feel.

It is not a team effectiveness or team dynamics diagnostic. If you are looking for a tool to help the team review how it works together then our Team Effectiveness Questionnaire will be more appropriate.

This enables managers to have a structured discussion with their teams to identify what is working well and what could be done differently to improve the employee experience.

This makes our Team Experience Survey a simple yet powerful tool to help managers quickly understand how to improve levels of engagement in their teams.

Who is the Team Experience Survey for?

The Team Experience Survey is designed to be used where you want to understand how to improve the employee experience of discreet, intact teams.

As such, it can be used by line managers, HR/OD professionals or external consultants.

Wherever the need has been identified to improve levels of engagement within a team, the Team Experience Survey can be used.

team experience survey

What does the Team Experience Survey measure?

The Team Experience Survey is based on our model of employee experience.

It measures the key things that impact the employee experience within intact teams.

These include how team members feel about:

  • the culture in the team.
  • aspects of their work.
  • the systems, processes, procedures and policies in place.

The survey also provides feedback on what team members feel the team’s core values are and how they view leadership.

How does the survey work?

The Team Experience Survey is administered through our employee survey platform. All team members simply complete an online survey.

All we need to administer the survey are the names and email addresses of all team members and we will do the rest.

Team members will be sent a link to the survey via email. All of our surveys are fully mobile optimised so the survey can be completed on any web-enabled device.

The survey can be customised with your organisation’s logo, but it is made up of a standard set of questions to enable you to benchmark your team results with other teams in our database.

However, if you want to customise the survey content we can do that for you for a bit of extra cost.

What is the output?

The output of the Team Experience Survey is a report of aggregated responses from all team members. This ensures that no single team member’s views can be identified in isolation.

The report is intended to allow the team to review and discuss the results. Our recommendation is that the results be shared with the team and used as the basis for discussion to identify specific things that can be changed to improve the overall employee experience.

The discussion to review the results can be facilitated by either an external or internal facilitator. Internal facilitators could be the team manager, HR or OD specialists.

The Team Experience Survey can be repeated to provide an evaluation of progress on the actions implemented as a result of running the survey.

All in all, the Team Experience Survey will provide the team leader with an understanding of how the team feels about the culture, their work and the processes and systems that are in place. It will also ensure that the team has a powerful voice in defining how to improve the effectiveness of the team.

What does it cost?

The Team Experience Survey costs just £600 + VAT per team.

For this we will do all of the survey admin for you and produce your team report.

If you want a more bespoke solution then get in touch so we can make sure we deliver exactly what you need.

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