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What is an employee onboarding survey?

Employee onboarding survey suppliers

Just imagine you’re new to the company, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, yet no-one knows who you are when you arrive, you don’t meet your manager for a week, and you spend the first few days just finding out where to have lunch.

This situation is not as unusual as it might sound.

Data from our own clients’ employee onboarding surveys shows that engagement levels in new starters can decrease in as little as 4 weeks if their employee experience is negative.

The employee onboarding process is critical for helping new employees feel integrated into the organisation.

Our Employee Onboarding Surveys (sometimes called onboarder surveys or new starter surveys) are designed to help you measure the experience employees have in the early days of their time with the company.

This will allow you to ensure your onboarding process is as effective as possible.

How we can help you

Our employee onboarding surveys are based around an online survey that is tailored for your business. 

Our approach combined with our onboarding survey platform is what differentiates us.

All of the companies we work with have limited time, resource and budget. They don’t want to overcomplicate it, they just want to be able to easily understand what their new starter survey data is telling them so they can make a difference to their business.

Above all, they are looking for someone to just make it happen for them.

Painless onboarding survey design and administration

We can help you get your employee onboarding survey up and running quickly and cost-effectively

mobile friendly Employee onboarding survey suppliers

We will work with you to design your onboarding survey, ensuring the content and look and feel suits your business.

We have an extensive library of onboarding survey questions that we can draw on and all of our onboarding surveys are tailored to your business and what you want to achieve.

Your onboarding survey will be deployed through our own highly secure employee survey platform.

Our onboarding surveys are fully GDPR compliant and we’re accredited with CyberEssentials+, which means your data is safe with us.

We can issue new starter survey invites via email, SMS or QR code (which works really well where you do not have personal email addresses and where staff are not deskbound).

Our employee onboarding surveys are also fully mobile optimised making it easy for people to complete them whenever and wherever they want.

Above all, we’ll make it as quick and painless as possible to get up and running.

Intuitive analysis and reporting

Our employee onboarding survey platform make analysing your data really easy

Surveys are a means to the end. They have limited value unless you can easily make sense of the data.  However, pulling data together and analysing it takes time and resource and, let’s face it, most of us have other more pressing things to do.

We have our own onboarding survey platform which we built specifically for onboarding surveys. This means the inbuilt analysis tools are all relevant to what you want to see and are easily accessible through our web-based reporting dashboard.

Unlike other dashboarding software, there is no configuration needed to make it work. It also means you don’t need to involve IT!

The real power of our employee onboarding survey platform is that it makes accessing your onboarding survey data extremely easy through our reporting dashboard.

You can view your onboarder survey data in real-time and it is always there for you to view.

Playing around with your onboarding survey data is highly intuitive and makes slicing and dicing your data significantly quicker and easier than using Excel or other business intelligence software.

With multiple charting options and preset analysis already built in, our reporting dashboard really helps bring your new starter survey data to life allowing you to quickly identify key insights and share those with your stakeholders.

Employee onboarding survey suppliers reporting dashboard

We can even import any historical onboarder survey data you might have. For instance if you have an existing employee onboarding survey running (using something like SurveyMonkey), you can use our platform to seamlessly switch over to begin viewing and interrogating that data through our reporting dashboard.

Our onboarding surveys platform will enable you to move from insight to action

Data means nothing if you don’t take action as a result

Our employee onboarding survey platform will enable you to move from insight to action in three key ways:

Employee onboarding survey suppliers

Flexible reporting

Creating reports is really quick and easy through our reporting dashboard.

You can create as many ad-hoc new starter survey reports as you want, as often as you want, for no extra cost.  

Users can access the employee onboarding survey data for their part of the business

We can give individual users access to their own onboarding survey dataset(s) so they can access and play around with their new starter survey data.

We can define specific datasets and user authority so that each user has access to the full functionality of the reporting dashboard, but only for their part of the business.

This really increases the level of ownership and accountability for doing something with the onboarding survey data.

Inbuilt action planning

Our employee onboarding survey reporting dashboard has comprehensive action planning functionality.

Users can define specific action plans, delegate actions and monitor progress against those actions.