Psychometric Profiling Services

Our psychometric profiling services will improve your recruitment selection decisions

Psychometric Profiling Services

Make your selection decisions more objective with psychometric profiling

Recruitment selection can be a little subjective, especially where interviews are unstructured or designed to assess specific competencies. Psychometrics enable you to inject some objectivity into the process, but the challenge is you need to be qualified to use the best ones.

We are accredited to use a variety of psychometric tools so our outsourced psychometric profiling service is a cost-effective way to help you improve your recruitment process.

The different types of psychometric tests

Aptitude test

Aptitude tests measure cognitive ability such as verbal or numerical reasoning. Aptitude tests do assess peoples’ ability to select the correct answer from a range of options. Aptitude tests are available for testing a range of abilities such as verbal, numerical, diagrammatic, logical and spatial reasoning, error checking etc.

Situational judgment tests (SJTs)

SJTs assess an individual's ability to respond to hypothetical scenarios or situations that they may encounter in the workplace. These tests measure a candidate's decision-making skills, problem-solving ability, and their capacity to prioritise tasks and handle conflicts effectively.

Personality assessments

Personality based instruments describe how someone is likely to behave based on their motivations and preferences. There are two main approaches to measuring personality:

‘Type’ instruments define a fixed number of personality types. Myers-Briggs is perhaps the most famous example of a type indicator. It defines personality along four dimensions to arrive at 16 personality types. However, MBTI is not considered reliable enough to be used for selection.

'Trait' instruments describe personality as being expressed across a larger number of dimensions or scales.  Trait instruments tend to be more reliable for assessment purposes. 

Our outsourced psychometric profiling services

Ours is a fully-managed service. We'll first need to talk about the role you are recruiting for and the attributes you are looking to assess, but once we are clear on the best approach we will:

1. administer the psychometrics for you, including purchasing the appropriate tool and communicating with candidates.

2. as users need to be trained to interpret psychometrics, especially personality profiles, we will do this for you. We DO NOT simply send you the report that is generated by the test provider. Instead, we use our knowledge of the role and our experience of administering hundreds of tests to create a bespoke interpretive report.

The report will provide you with narrative feedback on the candidate's strengths, potential weaknesses and how they are likely to behave in the role. We will also provide you with suggested interview questions to ask the candidate.

Psychometric Profiling Services

What about candidate feedback?

Providing candidates with feedback can add significant value to the process. We recommend providing candidates with personal feedback (using MS Teams) prior to their interview. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. it provides the candidates with a much more positive experience of the process. Psychometrics can often seem a little scary for some candidates so receiving feedback on the output usually makes them feel much more positive.
  2. it adds an extra layer of depth to the narrative report.

Which psychometric profiling tools do we use?

We were originally trained using SHL's suite of tests such as the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), but we are also accredited to use TalentQ Dimensions.

However, we now tend to favour Wave Professional Styles from Saville Assessment.

Psychometric Profiling Services

Need to improve your recruitment selection decisions?