Are you looking to build a high performing team?

Our Team Effectiveness Questionnaire will help you inject more focus into your team building activities

Improving team effectiveness is a disciplined process. It takes time and effort to create a high performing team. Although team building events are enjoyable, they have limited impact if they just focus on ‘getting people together’. 

What is the Team Effectiveness Questionnaire?

Our Team Effectiveness Questionnaire (TEQ) is a team diagnostic assessment. It enables teams to identify the specific things that they team can do differently to work together more effectively. 

The Team Effectiveness Questionnaire provides structure to allow the team to reflect on how it works together – what works well and what could be done differently. This is what makes our Team Effectiveness Questionnaire a simple yet powerful tool to enable teams to identify areas of strength and potential for improvement.

The TEQ is designed to be used to support structured team development activities, interventions or workshops. It tends to be used where there is a recognition that a team is not working together as effectively as it could.

What does the Team Effectiveness Questionnaire measure?

The Team Effectiveness Questionnaire is designed to provide the team with an assessment of how they see themselves performing against 8 core dimensions that impact team dynamics.

We created the Team Effectiveness Questionnaire following research of the established literature and validation across a range of different teams and industry sectors.

Statistical analysis of the data revealed 8 factors made up of 52 questions that all correlate to both team performance and satisfaction of team members. 

The TEQ is different to our Team Experience Survey as it measures team dynamics rather than how team members feel about their work and the team culture.

Who is the TEQ intended for?

The Team Effectiveness Questionnaire is intended for intact teams, but it can be used by anyone.

It doesn’t require any form of training or accreditation as it is not a psychometric instrument.

Whether you lead a team, have responsibility for Organisational Development in your business, or are an independent consultant looking to offer something to your own clients, the Team Effectiveness Questionnaire will help any team identify things it can do differently to be more effective.

How does the TEQ work?

The TEQ is administered via an online questionnaire deployed through our survey platform. Each team member completes the questionnaire and the results are then aggregated into a summary report.

What is the output of the TEQ?

Once everyone in the team has completed the online questionnaire, we aggregate the results – no individual responses are highlighted.

The output is a report (customised with your own branding) for the team to review and reflect on what it needs to do differently in order to be as effective as possible going forward. 

What does the Team Effectiveness Questionnaire cost?

Just £275 + VAT per team. For this we will do all the questionnaire admin for you and produce a team report.

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