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360 degree feedback has significant benefits for both the organisation and the individual.

The psychology of behaviour change tells us that changing behaviour is very difficult to do. People don’t change their behaviour spontaneously.

However, effective feedback is the starting point for promoting behaviour change.

When presented with high quality feedback, people are much more likely to move from awareness (that something needs to change), through to acceptance, and then to action.

360 degree feedback is much more effective at promoting behaviour change than conventional training.

We believe it is the best way to develop managers. It is certainly the most cost-effective.

What’s more, as leadership behaviour is what defines your culture, and culture is a key part of the employee experience, 360 degree feedback is also an effective way to drive culture change and improve employee engagement.

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As your 360 degree feedback provider we will minimise the effort needed to design and build your 360 degree feedback questionnaire

Many of our clients have limited time, resource and budget – they just need a 360 degree feedback supplier to make it happen for them. Which is where we specialise.

Ours is not a self-service 360 degree feedback solution. As your 360 feedback provider, we will manage your whole 360 degree feedback process for you. We’ll work together on the initial design of your 360 questionnaire, but we will do all of the questionnaire creation for you.

Every organisation’s culture is unique so our approach is to completely tailor the 360 degree feedback questionnaire content so that it measures the specific values and behaviours you want to develop in your people. We will work with you to build a 360 feedback questionnaire that is totally customised to your business.

Where you have an existing competency model or leadership framework we can use that to build your 360 degree feedback questionnaire or we can build a bespoke competency framework for you.

We’re a small 360 feedback company, which makes us extremely client focussed. We work with companies of all sizes across a range of sectors and we promise that we’ll give you high levels of service. With us you will always deal with the same highly experienced person throughout your project.

GDPR compliant 360 degree feedback questionnaire completion via any web-enabled device

We have our own 360 degree feedback platform which means building and administering your 360 questionnaire is totally under our control.

Our 360 degree feedback questionnaires are fully GDPR compliant and we’re accredited with CyberEssentials+, which means your data is safe with us.

Our 360 degree feedback questionnaires are also fully mobile optimised making it easy for people to complete them whenever and wherever they want on an web-enabled device.

Mobile Friendly Employee Surveys

Flexible 360 degree feedback reporting and feedback

When it comes to the feedback report we have three 360 reporting options for you to choose from depending on your need and your budget:

No reports. This might sound strange, but our 360 degree feedback platform means that all 360 data is continuously available to users to view so you don’t actually have to rely on static reports, which, as we all know, tend to get ‘filed’ or lost over time.

System-generated reports. Our 360 degree feedback platform allows us to generate individual feedback reports.

Bespoke graphical reports. We know that some clients prefer a report that is totally bespoke to them with custom colours etc., so we can also do this for you where needed.

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Group reporting

Our 360 degree feedback platform makes it simple for us to create group reporting datasets which means that organisational users can access all of their 360 data in one place.

This makes identifying and reporting on common strengths and development needs across populations much quicker and easier than having to manually analyse static reports.

The 360 feedback discussion

The feedback discussion is a critical part of the 360 degree feedback process. We would never advise that feedback recipients just be sent their report without any other discussion. Ideally, the feedback discussion needs to be facilitated by an experienced feedback coach so if you don’t have the resource internally we can do that for you.

Feedback can be done with reference to the feedback report, but our 360 degree feedback platform can also make the feedback discussion much more engaging and dynamic. We use the platform to guide feedback recipients through their data online.

Our 360 degree feedback software platform means users can have continuous access to 360 data online

Our 360 feedback software platform means we can provide users with real-time continuous access to 360 data online. Users can be both feedback recipients and organisational users.

Having 360 data available in one platform means that feedback recipients are much more likely to revisit their results than they are with static reports. It also makes tracking changes over time much quicker and easier as feedback recipients can easily compare their results to previous 360s.

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Dynamic action planning drives real accountability for behaviour change

Our 360 degree feedback platform has in built action planning functionality so users can define specific action plans with dynamic reminders, deadlines and completion status etc.

Defining specific actions is what makes the 360 degree feedback process much more likely to result in tangible behaviour change.

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I really enjoy working with Realworld. I always find them very responsive and they always have a proposed solution or way forward that works. A really great company to work with.

Nikki Hill, Deputy Chief People Officer – OD & Wellbeing, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

We’ve worked with the RealWorld Team for a number of years on a multitude of different projects, including 360 feedback.  The team are flexible to work with us on our requirements, which have stretched to working with our ROI and US based teams as well as the UK Teams.  Ever helpful, the RealWorld team adapt to our feedback and are happy to challenge us along the way.

Nicola Marshall, People Director, Welcome Break

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